Exploring the Relationship Between Mindfulness Practices and Employee Well-being: A Critical Review

Key Takeaways:


  • The article discusses the impact of social media on mental health.
  • There is a focus on the association between social media use and depression.
  • The study highlights the importance of addressing mental health concerns related to social media.

In the article “The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health and the Moderating Role of Parental Mediation: A Study among Adolescents in Saudi Arabia” published in ScienceDirect, the researchers delve into the relationship between social media usage and mental health among adolescents in Saudi Arabia. The study emphasizes the prevalence of social media platforms among young individuals and aims to investigate how these platforms affect mental well-being. One of the focal points of the article is the association between social media engagement and symptoms of depression among adolescents. The authors also discuss the role of parental mediation in moderating this relationship, shedding light on the importance of parental involvement in managing social media use and its potential impact on mental health. The research findings revealed that there is indeed a significant link between excessive social media use and depressive symptoms among the youth, emphasizing the need for effective strategies to address mental health concerns in this digital age. Through the exploration of these key factors, the article contributes valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on the effects of social media on mental health, particularly among young individuals in Saudi Arabia.

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